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Changes to bar pricing and social subscriptions

Changes to bar pricing and social subscriptions

By Andrew Batty
18th February
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New reduced social subscription rate - just £20

Some changes are coming to Brooklands Sports Club this season which will affect all players, parents and supporters associated with BCC.

The change most people will notice the most is that everyone who uses the bar will be asked to produce a membership card when they buy drinks. Without a valid card, they will be charged a higher price (see further below).

New cards are being issued to all existing members in the next few weeks. The cards will also unlock pedestrian gates on Whitehall Road and Beaufort Avenue and the cricket nets. However, only one card will be issued per member and so (e.g.) parents of juniors will need to apply to join the Club in order to receive a card for their own use.

Brooklands has always been a members' only club, but enforcing this rule is very difficult. The changes are being introduced in order to encourage more regular Club users to join. By offering a different price to members and non-members in the bar, it is also hoped that - in time - members will come to feel more connected to the bar and social aspects of Club life.

To soften the impact of these changes for the many regular users of the Club who are likely to be affected, social subscriptions are being reduced from c.£50 to just £20p.a.

All applications for membership need to be made through the Sports Club website (not the BCC website). Visit and click 'Apply to join' on the frontpage. Queries about membership should be directed to

Initially, the price difference for non-members will be:

• 30p extra for a pint of beer / spirit / glass of wine;

• 15p extra for a ½ pint of beer;

• £1 extra for a bottle of wine;

• 20p extra for hot drinks;

• 15p extra for any soft drinks/bottled water.

Brooklands CC.

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